Prescott Place, the subject of Weber's 1953 etching and 1958 painting

by grandson Eric

I have searched for where Prescott Place is in Philadelphia and have had no luck. From the description included with the artist's etching in 1953 Philadelphia Sketch Club Engagement Calendar, Prescott Place was likely demolished by the city's housing authority in the 1950s.

"Like all older American cities, Philadelphia has outgrown its old residential districts which for a time bravely withstood the ravages of time, but have now finally succumbed. Many old districts, crumbling beneath the insidious onslaught of time, stand as in Mr. Weber's etching, picturesque but outmoded, waiting for the Housing Authority to catch up with them."

Prescott Place was the subject of this 1953 etching as well a 1958 painting:

This original photo from the artist's papers must be the reference for his works:

And an early sketch: